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Chao Li Takes Sole Lead, Three Share First in Girls
In the sixth round Chinese Grandmaster Chao Li won against Le Quang to take the sole lead at 5.5 points followed by David Howell who hold against Yifan Hou while Arik Braun scored another win this time against Kirill Stupak to join Howell at joint second place. Chao Li leads with 5.5 points whose closely being followed to be David Howell and Arik Braun at 5 points.

In wmrld junior girls' championship Mariya Muzychuk scored an important victory against the previous leader Tatev Abrahamyan to take the lead shared with Dronavalli Harika. Harika won against Dauletova while Guliskan Nakhbayeva grounded down Mary Ann Gomes. All the three winners on the top three boards share the first place with 5 points.

Detailed news to follow...
Chao Li, the new leader of the tournament before winning against Le Quang

China vs. Vietnam clash on the first board between Le Quang and Chao Li ended for a victory for the latter which enabled Chao Li to take the lead with a magnificent start with 5.5/6. In the Grunfeld Defense with after white's bishop was shut down on h2 and the knight started exploiting the weaknesses on white's champ, black slowly and steadily emerged as the new leader of the championship.

David Howell former co-leader of the tournament hold against Hou Yifan.

In a rare version of Chigorin Howell was able to hold against the 14-year-old super girl Hou Yifan while Safarli and Popov made a draw after a short but razor-sharp game. Arik Braun won against the Belarussian international master Stupak, emerging comfortably after the opening, entering a nice endgame and completing the technical phase flawlessley. The German IM is now sharing the second place with Howell.


In this position Maxim Rodhstein made a nice finish against Chen Lin with: 24.e5 de5 25.f5 Nf6 26.fg6 fg6 27.Nh4 e4 28.Qg3 Nce8 29.Qg6 Kh8 30.Ne4 1-0

Hammer starts using fireworks here: 17.Bh7 Kh8 18.Bg7 Kg7 19.Ne6 fe6 20.Qg4 Kh7 21.Re3 Rf6 22.Rh3 Rh6 23.Rh6 Kh6 24.Re1 Rf8 25.Re6 Kh7 26.Qh5 Kg8 27.Qd5 1-0

Chen Lin


Emre Can held the top seed Rauf Mamedov to a draw in a position with opposite colored bishops and heavy pieces.

Muzychuk Wins Against Abrahamyan, Nakhbayeva and Harika Joins Her


Muzychuk and Abrahamyan played a well-known variation French Winaver where white was able to utilize her rooks actively and won a pawn and white was able to convert the extra pawn elegantly to score a crucial win to take the joint lead. Harika Dronavalli won against Daueletova in Modern Benoni , where she united the typical e5-f5 plan with the invasion of the seventh rank by her rook.

Nakhbayva won against Gomes to join the leaders thanks to a huge space advantage and the utilization of the open d-file. Nikolova won quickly against Nemcova in modern variation of the Sicilian which has been one of the subjects of theoretical discussions around.

Here is a position from the game between Ivankhinova and Isgandarova where white played 21.Nd6 Nd5 22.Nf5 Nc3 23.bc3 Nf5 and white won.<`r />
WIM Miranda Mikadze from Georgia won against Nadig Kruttika .

All of the arbiters together

Abrahamyan and her coach Ambartsoumian before the round.

Akter Shamima (Bangladesh) won her game against Gizem Acar of Turkey


Birthday girl WGM Turkan Mamedyarova won her game.

 Turkish Chess Federation 2008