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Countdown for the World Junior Girls Championship
Who are Showing Up?-2

At the link below, you can see the some of the top female players and the strongest players of the host country who are going to show up in World Junior Girls Championship 2008 for Turkey.

the World Junior Girls Championship 2008 Hosts...


WGM Vera Nebolsina, 2350, the defending World Junior Girls Champion is participating in 2008 World Junior Girls Championship. Nebolsina, was also former U10 Girls World Champion. Russian youngster, despite being a vegetarian might not be able to enjoy the kebabs of Gaziantep but she will try to compensate it by defending her title. (Photo:Chessdom )


IM Harika Dronavalli, 2461, the second highest rated female player in India after GM Humpy Koneru. A former prodigy, has collected many medals in youth categories in Asia and in the world, the last one was her gold medal in World Under 18 title in 2006. She was one of the participants of the women's super tournament in Turkey, İş Bank Atatürk International Women Masters , scored 4/9.


WGM Mariya Muzychuk, 2413, the younger Muzychuk sister, but not short of her sister as an elite youngster female player to be reckoned with, playing for Turkish Airlines in Turkish Is Bank Chess League, led her team to win the third place with perfect score (14/14!) including a victory against her rival in age category, WFM Kübra Öztürk. Definitely one of the most promising youngsters around and one of the favorites for fight for the top spots.


WFM Anastasia Bodnaruk, 2392, the Russian youngster who won the Russian Junior Girls Championship this year is going to be another Russian to fight for the top spots in the championship.


WIM Katerina Nemcova, 2372, 18,  from Czech Republic won the silver medal last year in category Under 18 Girls at World Youth Championship held in Kemer, Turkey. She is also the champion of Czech Republic for Women. A former basketball player, chose a chess as her major career and seems she has been quite successful so far.

WGM Sabina Francesca Foisor, 2337,  the youngest member of the Foisor family, a notable clan in Romenian chess, and the strongest talented young female player in Romenia.


WIM Joanna Majdan, 2323, the Polish junior girls champion, already had many national medals, with bronze medal at U18 Girls World Junior Championship in Belfort 2005. In 2006, she won her first junior national title, represented her country in the Olympiads at Turin, scoring the best individual result for her team. She was also runner-up in Polish Championship for Women.

WIM Mary Ann Gomes (India), 2316, winner of many medals and championship titles in Asian Junior Girls Championship is one of the strong female players that India have trained recently. She was also member of the Indian team just a couple of years back.


WGM Turkan Mamedyarova, 2284, the younger sister of "Shak" Mamedyarov, but definitely a talented chess player as any other member of the Mamedyarov family, performed very well in World Junior Girls Championship last time it was held in Turkey, back in 2005. She also played for the legendary Turkish league champions, Eczacibaşi, together with her brother and sister, unfortunately the club no longer exists. She has an IM norm from Essent Open 2007.


WFM Nazi Paikidze,  rated 2277, is the newest product of Georgian chess, a country known as one of the super powers of female chess. She comfortably won the gold medal in Under 14 Girls at World Youth Championship .


WFM Keti Tsatsalashvili,2277, another Georgian, the world champion in under 16 Girls category , also plays in İş Bank Turkish Chess League at Tarsus Zeka.,


WIM Atousa Pourkashiyan , 2269 from Iran could be called as the "Betül of Iran", however, already has a larger collection of medals thanks to her victories at the international level including a world U-12 title. She is the reigning Iranian Champion for women, helped her country to win the bronze medal in Asian Games in Doha.


WIM Betül Cemre Yıldız, 2236, one of the prides of the hosting country, already five-time winner of Turkish Women's Championship and runner-up in 2008 after IM Ekaterina Atalık. WIM Yıldız, won the bronze medal in World Youth Championship in 2007 back in Kemer, however, her major debut in the international chess scene came by İş Bank International Atatürk Women Masters held in last march. She fought against a much stronger opposition, and scored 2.5 points finishing at the last place. However, her win against IM Krush showed how dangerous she is, since it would be the game to win the brilliancy prize if there were any.


WFM Kübra Öztürk, 2188, gained a status of sports celebrity thanks to her victories in European Youth Championship in Under 16 Girls twice. After winning her first U16 Girls European title back in 2006, led to her nomination to being Sportswomen of the year , but she shortly lost to Neslihan Demir, the world-class volleyball star of Turkey. Then, she went on to win her second consecutive European title after giving many interviews and receiving many success prizes. After sharing the first place but becoming fourth in World Youth Chess Championship in Turkey at U16 Girls, she became the first chess player ever to carry the Olympic torch , just a few months before the ex-World Champion Zhu Chen.

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