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Three Leaders After Round Three
After round three in World Junior Championship, GM Amin Bassem, GM Eltaj Safarli and Tornike Sanikidze lead after winning against GM Parimarjan Negi, Martyn Kravtsiv, Dzhurabek Khamrakulov respectively , the only players to remain at perfect score.

In Girls' championship, IM Harika Dronavalli, WGM Mariya Muzychuk, WIM Tatev Abrahamyan are leading with perfect score.

Detailed reports with pictures and brief notes below.

Bassem, Popov and Safarli leads after Round Three
Amin Bassem, aiming to keep the championship title at home after Ahmed Adly's triumph last year
Ivan Popov, who was the runner-up last year,  fine adjusting his army before the game

The first board encounter between Ivan Popov and Chao Li ended as a quick draw probably due to exhaustion since playing two rounds a day with such a strong opposition should not be that easy despite very entertaining to watch. Especially when there is nothing particular to fight for after the opening. Nguyen and Hoyos tried for a longer time but neither side managed to change the balance. In a complicated position, Perimarjan Negi blundered a pawn and lost against Egyptian Amin Bassem who is among the leaders with perfect score.


One of the exciting struggles of the third round with an interesting and complicated rook endgame


A complicated but balanced fight most of the time between Arik Braun and David Howell was among the most exciting games of the round. Both sides tested each other and looked for advantage. In the rook endgame  in the position you see above, white might have more winning chances if f3 was played compared to the text (f4 was played) since the activation of black king as in the game led to a quick draw, however, after f3 with the idea of both keeping the black king from activation as occurred in the game and attacking the c4 pawn with the king via f2 and e3, during that time black could also activate the king and then free the rook from keeping a constant eye on the c pawn but probably the players might have thought of something against f3, too.

Quick post mortem about the interesting endgame between David Howell and Arik Braun

Hmm.. I am not sure...

Good game and good luck !

Ante Brkic facing the child prodigy Yifan Hou


Ante Brkic and Yifan Hou made a quiet draw in 27 moves. In the game between Kravtsiv and Safarli as you can see from the diagram on the left, white had to be content with Na3 which would still give black a slight advantage due to the strong knight on d4 and better coordination of black pieces, however white took the knight on looking strategically logical but tactically failing. After 18.Nd4 ed4 19.Rd4 Nf5, black wins an exchange.


Leon Hoyos deeply meditating before his game...
...against Nguyen

Namig Ismailov talking to his compatriot Eltaj Safarli before the game


Tyler Hughes of US, checking the picture his coach Armen Ambartsomian before the game


Towards the end of the round, Laznicka close to the victory

A nice finish in the third round came by Sanan Sjugirov against Turkish player Fethi Apaydın.


29...Rf3! since white cannot take the rook due to the forthcoming mate but after 30.Qh4 Raf8 white has to resign because mate cannot be avoided.

Pascua Haridas from Philippines

Orkhan Abdoulov from Azerbaijan

Denis Rombaldoni from Italy

World Junior Girls Championship Round Three: Three Leaders, Muzychuk and Harika Meets

WIM Harika and WIM Padmini

Dronavalli Harika faced Rout Padmini , her younger compatriot who won the silver medal in 2008 Asian Junior Championship. In the English Opening white gained two minor piece against rook and one pawn but the game was more or less balanced until in the minor piece endgame black erred at some point and enabled white to obtain activate two passed pawns while blocking black's bishop with the help of her own pawn on e4. Then the knight maneuver decided the game since the g pawn cannot be controlled by any of black pieces. An exciting endgame but a dramatic finish for Padmini meaning Harika keeps her perfect score and will face WGM Muzychuk , the second seed after her after Muzychuk's quick victory against Pertlova.


Spectators around the game between Harika and Padmini


WGM Mariya Muzychuk in action

Majdan had the upper hand despite the advanced white pawns against Isgandarova of Azerbaijan and was already an exchange up in the final position but instead of giving returning the exchange with 42...Rgf6, chose to repeat the moves and concede a draw.

It was not a good game for Betül Cemre Yıldız of Turkey who quickly lost against Tatev Abrahamyan, after emerging in a worse position after the opening and not being able to show resistance. Bad loss for the home side enabling the American player to continue the perfect score and share the lead. Davletova and Leks drawn their games after a balanced struggle.


Kübra Öztürk faced Miranda Mikadze


The game between WFM Öztürk and WIM Mikadze ended as a draw but despite white's slightly risky play which enabled both sides to reach 2.5 points. Kruttika Nadig won swiftly against the third-seed Katerina Nemcova in the Italian. Mary Ann Gomes defeated Nazi Paikidze in game which the diagram (right) occurred and the Asian Junior Champion played 18.Nb7 Qb7 19.Ng5 where black replied Qg2 but after a Rybka's Bd3 black could have won an exchange without any sufficient compensation on white's part.

Saray Hagarty from England

Guliskan Nakhbayeva of Kazakhstan

We kindly thank to arbiter Andreas Kantonakis for lending us his "silent" camera which enabled us to take picture during in the latter parts of the game.

 Turkish Chess Federation 2008