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World Junior Championship On ChessBase

chessbaselogoLate is better than never! We are far behind our ChessBase coverage  compared to our plan beforehand but we now have the first ChessBase report published which means World Junior Championship is now on the most popular chess news web site on the Internet. Frederic Friedel , a good friend of of Turkey, would not be able to show up here most probably but your slow but dedicated reporter will prepare more reports so look for more on the upcoming days.
Seferli and Abrahamyan Leads After Round 4
picture_003Eltaj Safarli Defeats Bassem Takes the Sole Lead,

Eltaj Seferli won against Bassem Amin to reach 4 points and take the sole lead in front of  Ante Brkic, David Howell, Hou Yifan and Chen Lin all having 3.5 points.

Abrahamyan Wins Against Majdan Surpasses Harika and Muzychuk

Tatev Abrahamyan won against Joanna Majdan to score perfect score after the fourth round while the top two seeds Harika and Muzychuk drew their games  and share the second place together with Davletbayova and Gomes at 3.5 points.

Three Leaders After Round Three
After round three in World Junior Championship, GM Amin Bassem, GM Eltaj Safarli and Tornike Sanikidze lead after winning against GM Parimarjan Negi, Martyn Kravtsiv, Dzhurabek Khamrakulov respectively , the only players to remain at perfect score.

In Girls' championship, IM Harika Dronavalli, WGM Mariya Muzychuk, WIM Tatev Abrahamyan are leading with perfect score.

Detailed reports with pictures and brief notes below.
Round 2: Nightmare for the Top Seed
Mamedov Tackled by Sanikidze

Upsets did not end in the second round of World Junior Championship 2008 as Rauf Mamedov, the top seed made a fingerfehler to lose a pawn on the sixth move against Tornike Sanikidze while Davit Baramidze had to be content with  a draw against Roman Nechepurenko. Many intersting games were played but probably the most elegant by Zhigalko.

In the Junior Girls Section, Harika and Muzychuk won their games as Majdan with a nice sacrifice. The Turks Betül Cemre Yıldız (against Sarah Hoolt) and Kübra Öztürk  (against Atousa Pourkashiyan) won and remained with perfect score.

Pictorial and detailed report by Özgür Akman below...
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