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A Meeting Held by Adrian Mikhalchishin
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GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, the Vice-President of FIDE Trainer's Committee had held a meeting with the trainers' in the 2008 World Junior Championship on August 12, 2008 during the tenth round about the problems of the profession of chess training and its institutionalization in FIDE. Also another major subject to be discussed during the meeting was the systematization of chess training manual and the work that has been made so far which was considered with respect to the problems of chess education in developing countries chesswise.

Honorary President of FIDE Florencio Campomannes also attended the meeting.


The New Protagonist Arik Braun after Defeating Hou Yifan

In Round 9 of the World Junior Championship, the fighting spirit of the youngsters continued and the leader changed hands again. Maxim Rodshtein crowned his comeback with one of the joint leaders Chao Li. However, the new sole leader is Arik Braun who scored a vital win against Hou Yifan with white pieces. David Howell, the player who has always have the longest and the thrilling games had Ivan Popov at the other side of the table and defeated him. Arik Braun leads with 7.5 points followed by David Howell with 7 while 4-7. places Chao Li, Eltaj Safarli and Wesley So.

In Girls', Harika drew with Soumya to defend her lead with 7.5 points while Mariya Muzychuk drew with Guliskan Nakhbayeva and followed Harika at 7 points together with Miranda Mikadze who defeated Zoja Severiukhina to share 2-3.places. Detailed report below.

Chessdom Daily Coverage


The Chessdom team continues its daily coverage with a gigantic photo album.
Chao Li Rejoins The lead After 6+ Hour Thriller , Harika Continues Her Lead


Chao Li was the victorious side of the thrilling six-hour marathon with David Howell to rejoin the leading position together with Arik Braun who drew against Eltaj Safarli at 6.5 points. 3-7. places are shared by David Howell, Eltaj Seferli, Hou Yifan, Ivan Popov and Maxim Rodshtein.

In Girls' section, Harika Dronavalli continued her lead after winning against Adriana Nikolova at 7 points followed by Mariya Muzychuk just half point behind. 3-5.places are shared by Miranda Mikadze, Guliskan Nakhbayeva, and Swaminathan Soumya at 6 points.

A nice pictorial and detailed report below...
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